The Pigeon Kisses My Hair, Almost

The Simple Joy of Life: Pigeons

I walk towards the fountains close to our house.

And, the pigeon flies over me. Razor sharp close, in perfection and synchronicity.

Today’s mantra, for me, is:

"The Celebration of the Holy 3id, the Feast of Sacrifice for Muslims, brings Clarity into my Life.
The Celebration of the Holy 3id brings clarity into my Life."

The pigeon opening his Wings, his loving arms, almost to my face… that's simply pure bubbly joy, for me.

I am sitted in front of the fountains.

The pigeons are here, too.

Resting their loving selves on the wall.

I am letting my hopes fly up through.

Eventualy, they'll be no walls.

Only us, the fountain, and the pigeons . . .


Text: excerpt from a brain storming

Photo Copyright: myself

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