The White and Green Viscose Dress

Green White
The White and Green Viscose Dress


My dearest, that moment when you wear a dress.

A brand new bicolored dress.

You look almost flawless.

The play of colours white and green as well as the folds of

the material hide my Damascene tummy.

I have had it.

I am an Oriental woman, henceforth I have an Oriental


I can’t change my body constitution just because it’s


My body type is robust, definitely not skinny.

And I have got to work hard on it to keep it to almost a

minimum tummy.


The most persistent, insistent wooer of the now, as it is

being revealed to me, makes sure he sends me messages

such as:

"Eat more vegan."

My reply: I am eating as much vegetables as possible, Mr

Zucchini Headed. Or should I say Mr Marian Antoinette?

I am doing the best that I can, given the circumstances.

With all the emotional pressure,

all the hormones lacking response, for now!

all the family pressure nowadays with Madame Julieta’s

broken arm… yes, biological mother had her arm

broken, as well as "all the other in-between's", it’s been


Of course, nothing is impossible.

Only, at times, very complicated is simply complicated,

and there is nothing you can do about it.



What of your height?

My height is around  173-175 cm.

You? You are of the same height with me.

Should I wear that pair of glittery stilettos, ma3 al



Lo siento, señor.

You stop messing with my tummy, I refrain from messing

with your hight.


It's just so rude, so demanding, so intrusive and so not

elegant an approach towards a lady, you know.

And it puts both me and my rose off.

So off!

Hadn't been for so much intrusiveness... I might have

surely felt more comfortable. I shall develop on this in a

separate post.

Either way it doesn't matter, cause you are very technical

in approach.

I like most of the stories/ concepts,

BUT not being joined by a "concept" when I am praying/ meditating
within the church. As well as other instances.


Moreover, how I dress and express myself, that's my part

as a woman and you are crushing it intrusively hard.

Besides, I haven't been invited on a date, properly, or ...

almost nothing has had any kind of normality or

common sense in my life, of late.


And off course, I cover up. To protect myself from so

much intrusiveness, from your dextering every inch of

my life.

I don't like this approach yours.

It's... way too intrusive.

You are, repeatedly, invading my female territory.

And that's -- a problem!


My tummy might be inflamed too by emotional stress

and lack of feeling.


Instead of directing me, I with a Soul of an Artista and a

Concept Creator, you should allow for space.

You have a serious problem with invading (my) female


I kid you not: you leave no room for anything.


And She, Ma Lady attendant with the Library where I am
a regular visiter and reader with, She goes and saves the day
by telling me:
“You look very pretty today!”

My heart elated with blissful joy, I give her a smile and

say a heartfelt: "Thank you!"

The Lady simply and spontaneously gave away a


Didn’t send me a photo of a flat belly young 20

something, or, didn't interrogate me into where I was

yesterday or repeated the same question in a raw, to see

whether I was telling the truth.


She simply and freshly gave away a Heartfelt, Energetic



She, a Lady of Romania's young and blooming generation!

It’s not easy to be me, My Dearest.

The Universe expects me to look like a “Duchess” every

single step of the way. Well... I might not be the only one

in here, Society has so many expectations from.

For sure, I am truly thankful and grateful that my

presence, my personal branding touches and inspires

people. #Thankyou!

But this constant demanding tempo as if I were dancing

with Commando Troops, every step of the way, piles and

piles of demands and expectations, yes this is how it feels

to me, many a time, is so overbearing and overwhelming.

Even (very) disturbing, oftentimes.

I mean... even... romance-killer.

And, no, I don’t like it.

And, maybe my emotional needs haven’t been met, just


Nevertheless, my short fluorescent green skirt, another

favourite item of mine,  is larger than before.

I can have my hand slip through the lateral side of the

skirt. Hence, yes, there is improvement after and

through the Ascension.

"Thank you, Lady Library Attendant,
Stay Beautiful, Stay Butterfly, Stay You…"
or as the perfume reads in Blue on Yellow:
B.U. my Dearest

And a Rose, from Damascene Rose to You





P.S. There are tailors who can make personalised dresses.

Clever tailoring can generate both giant ass visibility and

hide the tummy when sitted or in unfavourable standing

position. And this dress is the perfect camouflage,

especially when I am seated.



#intrusive #femaleterritoryinvader

Pastel Daisy Cushion – 80cm _ Pink _ Yellow


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