In the Here and Now, There is No Room for Fools

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The bridge of the story got burnt,

You have burnt it, down, down, down.


There is a pond clarity following the firey temptest.


There is a whirling wind screaming: "The rose with thy system!"


I step in, on the bridge of decency, and I embrace the Here and Now!




When it comes to the people I love, I can't help it but step out there in the open.

I duck whithin my oasis of roses, most of the time.

However - when I step out, from necessity or when triggered, it seems that I give it all.


And, I am terrible, so terrible when it comes to the dosage of feeling and what I give away.


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Oh, a Soul Family member said: 'First step of the adventure?' I went like 'the whole expedition'. I am giving it all, a thorough shot. Yeah, I am on my way... I am giving it a 100% shot.

Where? To you? To unlocking: "Stagnation mode"? Where to? A mission previously unconceived of.

By the way, what was that?

A short pilgrimage? Another one of those xyz testings? What in the ... world was that?


And, I got burnt.
And, I don't like it.
Or, maybe this time you have had the bridge of the story burnt to the ground, ground, ground?

Never, not even in my wildest dreams, could I have ever imagined you would allow for such mishappenings to happen. It blew my mind, l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y. Can't remember much of it, THANK God!

What is going to take for me to learn the lesson and stay hidden within the walls of my being, I wonder? I am not supposed to step out. No sooner do I step out than... something weird and/or imagination-distrupting things happen.

Why show I 'Heart' or 'Trust' or 'Friend' them when 'opposition' is crystal clear cold, ruthless and indulging "one-sided story"?

Empathy? Allahu a3lam!


I am a hybrid Damascene. I can't help it but respond to warmth.

I might be a 'dummy' as someone hinted, today.
Only it turns out: I am a 100% gambler.

When I step or jump in for the people I love, or care for -- for my (Soul) family that is, it's #100%!

However, I should grow up, anytime me soon... Give up being the "Eternal Fool"! Otherwise, I might drown in the Sands of the Boundariless Sapiens Desert. Where, there is no room for Feeling Fools.

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Note: this is a short draft, brain storming from my stories in progress -- #Mariamreloaded


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