România, I Kiss You and I Embrace Thy Bay of Seagulls

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Jewel România has had one of her magical corners display her beauty in a way that has swept my heart away. As if -- we were bonding, for the very first time.

So dense in beauty a corner.
Infinitely mesmerizing nuances...
Floating seagulls under the auspices of the Mirthy Sun.

By God, not only have I swum in the Bay, alongside the Seagulls of the Romanian Shore, even more so I have read and written with them -- singing and flying above me. Henceforth, I shall call it the Bay of Seagulls.

Words cannot, they simply may not render the feel of magic, the impact of my impression, at first sight.

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The Bay of Seagulls is magical.

"Oh, România, I have needed this like the Rose leans onto the Sun Rays. Swimming in the bubbles of your dewy sea of ink has been,verily, the moment."

From the balcony of the room, in the opposite direction of the bay, the eyes had a view to a forest. That's where the orange fuchsia sun left us melting into the sunset, behind the thick trees.

I could feel, I could feel their smell.

Sea... Forest... Bay of Seagulls... Gardens of Roses... All as One. That's the Beauty of Jewel Romania, my dearest!

Later on, the night carriage driving tourists about deployed me on the realm of romance... as if I were living in a different epoch.

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Behold the magic!

Lit by a romantic glittery light, the carriage moved on carried by a white horse white.

The Painter of Words must be guarding the Jars of Ink in the Ivory Castle of Romania. Hence -- I must hold onto the thread of inspiration!

And, when I close my eyes to dive into the moment, I shall see the Seagulls floating, side by side, with me. In truth and in feeling, the Seagulls seem and feel as if they were here with me - every step of the way.

... and, as I swim my way out of the Bay of Seagulls, I kiss and embrace magical Romania for this so dense in beauty a vacation.

For certain, She has been the balm of dewy roses.

In feeling and de facto, She has made sure I've been surrounded by roses, all the way ...

Long live the "Seagulls" of Romania!

IMG-20220904-WA0002 (7)

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