How Do You Do… Bosphorus?


Ships come and go

Tourists packs cram on the Galata Bridge

Mosques ezan reverberate in the distance


The consonants and vowels of soulful frienship!

Soulful Family!


Whilst I eat two pieces of rose

Turkish Delight,

sunk in coconut,

topped by a perfect almond --

I think of you...


The wavy Bosphorus leads the way,

Thoughts come and go,

A Soul Bond remains!


Ruyalarimda, beni ziyaret ediyorsun.

Son zamanlarda ...

Umarim iyisindir.


Sam in Gul Diyarinda her zaman yerin olacaktir.

Her zaman ve --

Elbette ilelebet.

Zira, sen Kurbis Bey sin!


My Dearest -- Froggy Frog!

Froggy, froggy frog!

And every Lady Cosette struggling at the Straights of Life

ought to be blessed with a Monsieur Madeleine

whose brainy loveful tender wit springs through --

his emerald eyes.


Allah a emanet ol!

Ben du buralardayim... daima

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