Should You Want Me Not


Should you want me not

it doesn't matter,

Should you love not my being too possessive

or too jealous,

it doesn't matter.


All that matters are my feelings, alone.

I am the Man, hence I decide.


So what if, in the very long "in the meanwhile", in the "in-betweens", all of the 'in a bit', in the continuously "after a while" or the everlasting "hang in there", She might have grown into being someone else, a different person, who can't do... without some essential and very sexy traits, such as: Compassion, inner warmth -- Heart!, knowledge of the notion -- Personal Space and, the Hug: the caring shelter from jungle's hurricane?

With all the waiting, She has grown into being someone else.

SHE is Hers, not his "my property".



Some moments are always, afloat in the cloudscapes.

For, some moments leave their magical sparkle glued onto the Starry Constellation of Eternity.


Yet, in the here and now, Life takes over.

And only She, Life Herself, can lead the way.

Neither He!

Nor She.





A post imagined as a scene where HE is absolutely  brimful of jealousy.


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