This Evening I Went Sailing With Debussy

Debussy - Casa Radio

A Repost dating back to the 6th of December, 2019

This Evening I Went Sailing with Debussy

I love cultural activities. Going to the opera, the Romanian Athenaeum, theatre and concerts. However, I don’t have musical expertise. Still, among the fragrant petals of the corolla of the Damascene Rose, I play the curator of life and love stories. And this evening, I went sailing with Debussy at Casa Radio - the Radio House in Bucharest.

My blue-eyed angel friend invited me to the orchestra performance  of  Debussy under the guidance of Mr Ryan Brancfort.

It was his gift to me on Saint Nicholas Day.

In the first half of the performance, we listened to “L’après-midi d’un faune” - a work inspired by Stéphane Mallarmé’s poem and the Nocturne suite. The performance concluded with the “Mermaid” by the Austrian composer - Alexander von Zemlinsky...

Loved it altogether!

What shall I start with?

The first part attributed to Debussy rendered a fan of feelings. There was a storm and then came in the calm, rivers of joy and fury. High furious tides growing higher and higher, and even more intense.

There was fog and then rays of light came in. There was a raging wind and then, stillness. It was like going through a passage of infinite states of feeling.

Hence, this evening I went sailing with Debussy.

I read more about Claude Debussy only to learn he is considered the Impressionist composer. Allegedly, he wasn’t content with this positioning. However, the two works we have listened to, conveyed an ocean of feelings, deep in sense, high in intensity. Coincidence has it that I love Impressionism ... Maybe because we were taught a thing or two about it in the Romanian school. Or, subconsciously, without being aware of it, I’ve loved the movement of feelings it renders. It seems as though the brush paints moving feelings. Not just scenery.

Endless rolling beads of paint ... foamy tides bringing ease and tumultuous adventures.

The multi-awarded genius conductor - if I may, Mr Ryan Brancfort was a m a z i n g. I am a layman when it comes to music. Yet, my God, how he felt the music while conducting! Every cell of his being had become one with the orchestra. He was almost twirling and stamping in with his magic invisible stick conducting the overflowing rhythm. It’s as if the conductor was doing “el flamenco” by directing the orchestra with his bare hand and the sheer convulsions of his body. I was speechless in front of this incredible scenery of emotions. That’s why I read more about him only to discover he is a music genius. At present, he is the conductor of the BBC Philarmonic.

Debussy - Casa Radio

A moment with the Choir of Casa Radio

Hence, this evening I went sailing with Casa Radio. My soul indulged the waves of the endless tides. It was magical!

As I was caught up in the moment, I had this vision of a sailor, prisoner within the tides of life. Striving to reach his beloved - a brunette, red velvet rose suspended to her hair, wearing a long white lace gown walking by the shore, heading to the port ... The gown resembled one of  Zuhair Murad’s master embroidered pieces. And yes, I love Zuhair’s creation. Yet, I am not into white dresses. It’s just how the vision came in. I’d like mine alive. The fabrics should give that sense of joie de vivre, sing keynotes of depth and playfulness.  Just like tonight’s performance – a visionary journey to the beyond.

My blue-eyed friend is enlightened. Sent from a dimension of Light and Love. And I treasure the friendship.

This evening I went sailing ...

Photo: Pinterest & Damascene Rose

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