God, I am grateful, for I have witnessed love.
God, I am grateful, for I am blessed. I have been loved. Truly.
Rosary Rose,

Water their love story with thy heavenly petals! 

My dedication to my father on his 71st birthday, January 2017:

Born and raised in the historic neighbourhood of Al-Midan, a genuine Damascene to his very bone, with one of the deepest, utmost sensitive and purest hearts I have ever been privileged to encounter, our beloved father - AbuSamra, husband of Julieta - our dearest, refined and distinguished mum.

My eyes and heart have witnessed one of the most profound love stories, in real-time, not in books, nor movies. Respectful, yet passionate. Full of sensitivity, yet as solid as a rock. No matter the stormy or party times, their love for each other has been as strong as a lion, as warm as the Damascene sun, as tender as the touch of the rose petals and as vibrant as the scent of Jasmine.

Their brush of love has painted, caressed and shaped up our personalities, like no one else.

For they are one of a kind. For they are one: Romanian Christian + Damascene Muslim =

For it started in the fairytale-like land of the Damascene Rose.

And the architect of the Garden of Roses was the utmost truly Damascene gentleman I have ever met, my father: Abu Samra!